Member privileges of Kosmos Buran:

  • Email list: the most important information channel of our subject association. You will receive a checklist every week. The checklist contains information about future events and important bulletins.

  • Info: matters regarding studies, courses and compensations.

  • Tips for getting an internship or a summer job, for example.

  • Advocacy: you wont be alone if faced with troubles regarding studies or the university.

  • Events: most of our events are members only. Events that are also for others, members get usually a major discount. 

  • Overalls: our green overalls are members only.

  • Closed Facebook group: important channel of information along with email.

  • The board of Kosmos Buran: every member can apply for the board, who is eager to take part in our subject associations action. Meetings of the board, spring and fall meetings are open for members. Members can also read all the minutes of the board´s meetings.

Who can become a member?

Members of the faculty of Social Sciences of The university Of Lapland (=students majoring in political science, international relations or sociology, teaching and research faculty). Members who are still studying and are members of retired subject associations, P.S.C Inter and Habitus can join Kosmos Buran without the member fee. 

The membership of Kosmos Buran is bought via the Membership fee is 35€ and is one time only. Membership is lifelong. You can get more information about the membership by contacting us: