Kosmos Buran is a subject association for political science and sociology students. The members of Kosmos Buran are students majoring in political science, international relations or sociology, as well as teaching and research staff. The tasks of our student association board include advocacy of members, promoting cooperation between the members and organizing activities. Kosmos Buran operates as a registered association in Rovaniemi.

Kosmos Buran is located in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Lapland, and we also participate in the development of our own university community. We cooperate with other university student associations.

Kosmos Buran means cosmic blizzard. The students of Kosmos Buran can be recognized by their green overalls with yellow prints.

Exchange students may also become members of Kosmos Buran by buying the membership from KideApp. The membership enables the attendance to events, trips and the purchase of the green overalls. The membership lasts for one year and costs 15 euros. The membership will give an incredible opportunity to experience the finnish university life!

"I was the President of P.S.C Inter in 2005 and later together with Vesa-Pekka Hiltunen we founded the floorball team with Habitus. We had to come up with a name. I had just read an article about the Soviet Union space program and their space shuttle Buran. Buran alone did not sound nice, so in honor of the Kosmonauts of the Soviet Union we took the word Kosmos. So, Kosmos Buran is a political reference to the Soviet Union and to history." – Jussi-Pekka Rode