The annual ball of Kosmos Buran ry is held every spring. It is the most formal event in the year. Ceremonial speeches, dinner, rewards and shows are part of the show. Sillis is held the next day and it is a way to recover from the previous night while eating and drinking, although in a more relaxed way.

The annual ball team and the board of Kosmos Buran are responsible for the organization. The team is recruited every year, so everyone has the opportunity to join the organization.

Etiquette of the annual ball

The annual ball is traditionally the most prestigious event of the year and therefore it is seen in manners and attire. The most important part of the etiquette is a good and a respectful demeanor, so no need to stress about the etiquette in advance.


The dress code for the annual ball is a dark suit / evening gown. In your attire is also worth remembering the elegance of the event.

According to the etiquette hair that are to the elbow are desirable to wear up.

Academic honors are worn in the left front.

A member of Kosmos Buran has the right and honor to wear the subject association ribbon.

The subject association ribbon goes with the two-piece party dress under the bodice, but still on the tie. With a one-piece party dress, the ribbon is folded into a rosette on the left breast.

One who wears the subject association ribbon is excepted to represent Kosmos Buran with honor . You can buy the ribbon in advance when notified.

Shoes are expected to be solid tip.

In the event you can carry a small bag. It is not appropriate to lift the bag up to the table, you can keep the bag on the chair.

Annual celebrations and song leader:

The smooth running of the annual party is the responsibility of the final year students. They are the hosts of the party and their instructions should be followed during the party.

It is traditional to sing a collective song, the words of which can be found in the table programmes. The person who wishes to sing the song will start the song and lead the singing. Before starting the song, the person who wishes to sing the song may give a short explanation of why he or she wishes to sing the song at the party.

The course of the party:

Before the party starts, find your own place on the placemat and stand behind your own chair. You can sit down when the party starts. It is polite to introduce yourself to your table companions and, if necessary, to help the people sitting next to you to sit down.

The evening party includes a three-course dinner with drinks. It is polite to wait until everyone at the table has had their meal before the meal begins, with the exception of hot food. Dishes are used starting with the outermost and moving inwards. Cognac ears folded from napkins are folded only after dessert.

It is not polite to eat or drink during the speeches.

The speeches have been distributed in advance to the speakers. There will be time for a free speech at the end of the ceremony, but the speakers should be informed of this.

There will be sing-alongs, during which it is not appropriate to stand on chairs or tables.

Scooling will take place in accordance with the instructions of the marshals. It is important to look the person you are toasting in the eye. Care should be taken to ensure that there is room to scoop, i.e. the glass is not empty. The glasses should not be shaken, but raised to about eye level.

The celebration includes three conferences or breaks. If there is a compelling need to leave outside the conferences, you can do so quietly, without attracting attention. However, you should wait for free socialising and apologise for leaving to the rest of the table. There is therefore no need to leave during the presentations.

Festive drinks are enjoyed during the party. Care should be taken not to become too intoxicated by alcoholic beverages. After the party, the party moves on to the after-party, where you can relax and have a good time. You can also change into a more relaxed outfit and leave off your membership ribbons.